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Welcome to WorshipandChurchMusic.com

Welcome to WorshipandChurchMusic.com!  The goal of this website is to primarily serve the music ministry needs of the Christian church musicians who wish to expand their knowledge and breadth of worship to include some of the historical authentic expressions of Christian worship in their churches.  Please click on the links to find information about Christian church history, liturgical information, church music history and resources, and more.

 Worship Resources

In the Worship Resources section
of the website you'll find information on liturgical worship resources, historical references, theological information, traditional Christian worship practices and more.

  Church Music

In Church Music, you'll find recommendations for integrating music into worship services, suggestions for working with choral ministries, functions of a church choir, and ideas for supporting a choral ministry.


On the Links page, you'll uncover a wealth of resources for church music and worship support information.  These links go to outside resources and experts in Christian worship and church music.

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