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Musical Gifts and Talent Survey

In our church we desire to worship God as He desires. We look to his word and find many examples of worship that are not yet common to our experience. Without making a specific commitment at this point, please indicate where you would be available to the Lord and willing to explore the possible use of spiritual gifts and talents listed below in our ministry together to the Lord and to one another at our church.

Music - ___ Choir                 ___ Instrumental performance

____ Soprano ___ Alto ___ Tenor ___ Bass   

Which instruments? ____________________

    ___ Musical composition/arranging

Spoken Word - ___ Scripture reading and prayer in worship services

    ___ Acting ___ Staging ___ Writing ___ other ________________________________

Visual arts - ___ Prepare audio/visual presentations

    ___ Photography ___ Painting ___ Sculpture ___ Banners

    ___ Operation of A/V equipment during worship services

    ___ other ___________________________________________


Name _______________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________


Phone (home) ____________________________ (work) _________________________________

             (cell) _____________________________

Email address ________________________________________________________


Please return or mail this back to the church office or send the information to (your email address)

(include mailing address and fax)

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