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Theology FAQs

By: Rev. Larry D. Ellis

These thoughts are a portion of my personal spiritual discovery process as I have read, prayed, listened and discussed over my first half-century lifetime. In our early years, we learn by trusting those close to us. As we mature we question those values that we were taught in our youth. As we grow up, we take on our own personal values. These may be many of the first values and truths that we were taught. These might be different, molded by our own reading of God's word, our own view of who God is, our life experience and hopefully by the Holy Spirit. I pray that these questions and my own responses to them will be stimulating to your thinking, praying and discernment process. I welcome your email dialogue with me on any of these issues.

How does someone become a Christian?

When, Why and How Do We Change the Words of Choral Music, Hymns and Liturgy to Use Inclusive and Expansive Language?

What is the role of women in the family and church today? Who is the final authority in a marriage, the husband or the husband? Does God call women to be pastors?

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