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Articles Under Development

The following are subjects about which I am developing articles that can include some of your personal experiences. If you have ideas that you would like to share with me or experiences that are within the scope of these subjects, I invite you to email me the information so that I can share it with those who visit this site. I would also welcome additional subjects that might be helpful to explore to strengthen your ministry of music and worship. I would be interested in your personal experiences, historical and biblical research on any of these topics.
Larry D. Ellis, Denver CO USA
  1. Biblical Perspective on the use of Musical Instruments in Chritian Worship
  2. Does God Have Musical Style Preferences? Does God care about our particular musical expression styles in worship, as long as it pleases the tastes of the parishioners?
  3. How to employ the spiritual gifts of someone who loves the music ministry, but is not really a musician and might not know it.
  4. How do we communicate the excitement of liturgical worship to those whose worship style is evangelical from the free church tradition?

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