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July 20-21, 2002

Subject: England Trip - Letter #11
Sunday morning early July 21, 2002
Dear Friends,

I certainly had no difficulty arising this morning. The seven hour time differential seems much easier for me to accommondate on the return portion of trips that direction. It was a long flight home - about 12 hours. London to Newark was about 7.5. I enjoyed a short layover and change of aircraft (and terminals at Newark) and then a final four hour flight from there to Denver. I "enjoyed" the luxury of three meals on United flights. All were welcome, but not up to the standards of what we would all prefer.
Upon arrival, I was greeted by Christine and Jill in the baggage claim area at DIA (Denver International Airport). They took immediate command of my luggage and we drove to our favorite Italian restaurant, Bruno's, for dinner. Jonathan met us there. The meal, time talking and the sharing of presents was great fun. Some major energy had been invested in some things here at home, while I was gone. Jonathan and friends did a major cleaning and excavation process in garage and we can now get both cars in without having to be careful when we open the doors not to hit anyting. New sod was also placed down in the front of our lawn where we had previously removed a large bush. Jill had the AC turned up to max in the house.
I will continue to reflect on my trip and finish up the music that I composed over there in the next few weeks. Thanks so much to each of you for sharing my trip with me. I recieved so many notes from many of you. All were appreciated. Being in touch with many of you, even though I don't see you often was great for me when I was so far away. Meeting in person John and Deirdre Birch was just wonderful for me. The trip far exceeded what I had hoped to experience and for that I am grateful to God and all of you who have given me such encouragement.
This is my final scheduled epistle about my trip and now I must readjust to my responsibilities and schedule back at home. I do plan to maintain some of the reflection time in my schedule as the activities begin to pile up. I have learned that it is a great inner stabelizing experience for me, even if I am not publishing a daily journal. Keep in touch!


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