Pipe Organ Builders


Andover Organs (Methuen MA) http://www.andoverorgan.com
Austin Organs, Inc. http://www.austinorg.com/
Bedient Organs (Lincoln NE) http://www.4w.com/bedientorgan/
Bond Organs (Portland OR) http://www.bondorgans.com/
George Bozeman, Jr. and Company http://www.tneorg.com/bozeman/
John Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders http://www.buzardorgans.com/
Columbia Organ Company http://www.columbiaorgan.com
Dobson Pipe Organ Builders (Lake City IA) http://www.dobsonorgan.com
Randal Dyer & Associates http://www.RDyerOrgans.com
Elsener Organ Works, Inc.(Deer Park NY) http://www.elsenerorganworks.com,  william@elsenerorganworks.com
Fabry Pipe Organs, Inc.(Fox Lake IL) http://www.fabryinc.com
Glck New York, Pipe Organ Builders and Restorers (NYC NY)  http://www.glucknewyork.com  albert@glucknewyork.com
Goulding and Wood http://www.gouldingandwood.cnchost.com/
Harrison & Harrison http://www.harrison-organs.co.uk
Johnson Organ Company http://www.johnsonorgan.com/
Kerner and Merchant Organs (East Syracuse NY) http://www.kernerandmerchant.com/
Orgues Letourneau Limitee, Quebec, Canada http://www.letourneauorgans.com
Levsen Organ Company (Buffalo IA) http://www.LevsenOrg.com
Mander Organs, London http://www.mander-organs.com
J. W. Muller Pipe Organ Company http://www.jwmullerorgans.com
Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, Inc. (Stowe PA) http://www.pjmorgans.com
J. F. Nordlie Company (Sioux Falls SD) http://www.jfnordlie.com
Parkey OrganBuilders http://www.parkeyorgans.com
Pasi Organs (Roy WA (near Seattle)) http://pasiorgans.com/ (video clips)
Peragallo Pipe Organ Company http://www.peragallo.com/
Redman Organ Company http://www.redmanpipeorgans.com
Reiger-Kloss http://www.rieger-kloss.com/
Reuter Organs http://www.reuterorgan.com
Charles M. Ruggles Pipe Organ http://www.rugglesorgans.com
Fratelli Ruffatti http://www.ruffatti.com
A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company http://www.pipe-organ.com/
Robert L. Sipe, Inc. Organbuilders http://www.sipeorgan.com/ - rls@sipeorgan.com
Caludio Anselmi Tamburini Organ Builders http://www.tamburini.net
Taylor & Boody Organbuilders http://home.rica.net/taylorandboody
Robert M. Turner Organ Builder, Inc. http://www.turnerorgans.com
Visser & Associates, Incorporated http://www.visserassociates.com
J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd. (Brandon Suffolk, England) http://www.jwwalker.co.uk
Wells-Kenedy Partnership Ltd. Organ Builders http://www.d-n-a.net/users/wk
Wicks Organ Company http://www.wicks.com
Henry Willis & Sons, Ltd. Petersfield, Hampshire, England http://www.willis-organs.demon.co.uk/index.html
Cornel Zimmer Organ Builder http://www.zimmerorgans.com

Electronic Organ and Pipe Augmented Organ Builders

Ahlborn-Galanti Organs http://www.ahlborn-galanti.com  email: rjaeggi@ahlborn-galanti.com
Allen Organs http://www.allenorgan.com http://www.allenorgans.co.uk
Hugh Banton Computer Organs http://www.organworkshop.co.uk
Cathedral Organs (UK) http://www.cathedralsorgans.com eminent@@cathedralorgans.com
Church Organs Systems http://www.churchorgansystems.com   
Compton Organ Specialists (UK) http://www.digitalchurchorgans.co.uk
Copeman Hart & Company Ltd. http://www.copemanhart.co.uk
Johannus Orgelblouw http://www.johannus.com
Phoenix Organs (UK) http://www.phoenixorgans.co.uk info@phoenixorgans.co.uk
Rodgers http://www.rodgerscorp.com/ http://www.roland.co.uk/rodgers.htm http://www.rodgersinstruments.com
Wyvern Organ Builders, Ltd. http://www.wyvernorgans.co.uk
Viscount Organs http://www.viscount-organs.com/frameset2.htm 

Organ Supply Houses and Services

A.R.Schopp's Organ Pipe Maker http://www.arschopp.com (great photos about pipe manufacturing)
Artisan Builders - Wooden organ pipe manufacturer http://www.rfyellow.com/artisanbuilders
Organ Supply Industries http://www.organsupply.com/
Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. http://www.petersonemp.com
Solid State Logic http://www.sslorgans.com (manufactures solid state control systems for pipe organs)
Burness Associates (windchest releathering) (Montgomeryville PA) http://www.organreleathering.com

Other Organ and Harpsichord Sites

Pipe Organ Building and Rebuilding Compared to Purchasing Electronic Organ http://www.pipeorgans.com
Zuckermann Harpsichords http://www.zhi.net/
Knight Vernon Harpsichords (Skokie IL) http://www.vfernonharpsichords.mykeyboard.com
Pipedreams (Minnesota Public Radio program) http://www.pipedreams.org
Friends of the Wanamaker Organ -(Lord & Taylor, Philadelphia PA) http://www.wanamakerorgan.com
Organ Historical Society http://www.ohscatalog.org
Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (1-800-473-5270)
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